Happy Independence Day!

On this day, I'm praising and thanking God for our country, and more specifically, all of the men and women who have or are sacrificing for our country in the military... whether here at home or overseas. Thank you and your families for sacrificing for MY freedom and liberty! I am deeply grateful.

So - here is a card that I made with the troops overseas in mind. I must admit that I was pretty impressed with my creativity on this one! If you look on your phone, the zip code spells "i luv u."

If you want details let me know...


Kristyn said...

Hi Mitchell, I saw your post on Thinking Inkling (?) this am re: Northland. We LOVE Northland. We have been going to Family camp there now for 3 years. It is my ultimate vacation. Everyone gets taken care of and it is truly relaxing as well as spiritually refreshing and revitalizing.

Stay faithful and keep up your testimony on your blog. It's encouraging to see other bible-believing/living Christians out there.

Kristyn Sinnott-Hibbing, MN

mitchells2000 said...

Thanks, Kristyn! I appreciate the encouragement! I actually used to live sort of near Hibbing... in Hinckley, MN. Our sports teams would compete in Hibbing in the playoffs! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Heather.....the zip code spells "i love you"???? You have WAY too much time on your hands, although I must admit that's really cute. :-)

This is one of the cards that I have actually received!!! Thanks again for all the time you spent making those for us.