Hallmark Store-to-go 17

Cherish Anniversary (and yes, this is almost exactly the same card as the Mother's Day card I posted a few days ago. I just changed the words in the bottom right hand corner.)
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Hallmark Store-to-go 3

Thinking of you warms my heart... Missing you
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Hallmark Store-to-go 2

Wishing I was there "postcard." (this was my own idea, and I was very pleased with how it turned out!)
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Hallmark Store-to-go 1

Last year, my BIL deployed overseas for 8 months (I think). Before he left, I stamped a bunch of cards (26) for him to take with him so that he could send some back to his wife and daughter (and a couple for his mom and dad, too) while he was gone. I called it his "Hallmark Store-to-go!" The next 26 cards are the ones that I made for him to take with him.
Soldier writes home: I'm thinking of you
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Christmas Ornament card

This was the other card I sent out for Christmas 2008. Again, the pictures don't do it justice, as it was very sparkly and glittery IRL.
Trying to get a good picture of the glitter, but it just came out blurry!
Inside. Again, the glitter made the camera not focus, so the pic is blurry. The ornament at the top of the page is glittered.
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Big Book of Presents

I made this booklet to send to my best friend. I bought her a couple of gift cards for her birthday/Christmas, and had a bunch of little "odds and ends" gifts that I had made or bought because when I saw them I thought of her. I wanted to do something different with the gift cards, and thought up this idea.

Each card was numbered to correspond with the numbered present in the box. The card pulls out to give an explanation of why I bought (or made) that specific gift for her.

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Snow couple anniversary

A close up, blurry pic so that you can kind of see the sparkle! :-)

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