Snowman Christmas ornament

We made part of this ornament at a stamping party: We poured Crystal Effects on the top, then pulled it down the ornament to make "icicles," then sprinkled glitter on top to make them sparkle. (Again, I apologize for the pictures... it was hard to get a good picture with the reflections on the glass and light, etc... but you get the idea!)

First, I drizzled some glue on the bottom of the ornament (inside), and sprinkled glitter in there, for the effect of snow inside.

I stamped a row of snowmen (and women! LOL) on typing paper, colored them, and cut them out. I then wrapped them around a pencil and stuck them through the opening on the top of the ornament.

It took me FOREVER to get the row of snowpeople uncurled enough so that you could actually SEE them in the ornament. I ended up finally gluing one end of the row to the side of the ornament. When that dried, I did the same to the other end, and tried to line them up as much as possible.

I thought it turned out very cute, and was very impressed with myself! I think it will be quicker next time I try to do it, since I learned a lot through trial and error!

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Janelle said...

VERY COOL! I'm sure you did learn a lot, but the final product is adorable! You really are inspiring me to start thinking about Christmas! Maybe one of these days I'll actually do something about it!

Janelle said...

Only 235 days left! :)

mitchells2000 said...

Janelle, you crack me up! When you get your Christmas stuff done, you'll have to take pics and send them to me! :-)