I'm still alive...

So much for consistent blogging, right?? I have been stamping some, stitching some, but mostly taking pictures a lot lately. I'll have to just post a bunch of pictures of the cards that I've made recently without the info, and if you want info, you can e-mail me. Chris bought me a new camera for Christmas... it's Suh-WWWWEEEEEETTTT! I've posted a ton of pics on my FB site, and will post some here, too, but you only get to see my favorites... not all the hundreds that DON'T turn out so well! :-) (I know you'll appreciate that!) So, without further ado, here's some stuff for you to look at:

Spring showers

Louisville, KY skyline
My camera has a photo stitch setting... you can take up to 26 pictures left -> right or right -> left, top to bottom or bottom to top, and you can also do 4 pictures clockwise. The camera automatically crops off part of the picture so you can line up the next one in the viewfinder, then has a computer program that "stitches" them all together to achieve the panoramic view you see above. Pretty sweet! :-)

Recent cards that I've made: He is Risen (at a stamping party)

Happy Birthday for my niece who turned EIGHT this year! Where does the time go?

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