HI! I'm still alive... but haven't stamped lately. These are slow months for me as I don't have many birthdays/events that I HAVE to stamp for, and since I am now addicted to Facebook, and I FINALLY just caught up with reading everyone's blogs last week, well, I've been slacking. I hope to have some projects to post for you soon - that is, all of you who actually LOOK here (Janelle... are you the only one? If so, I'll be posting for you!) :-)
In leiu of stamping/scrapbooking/x-stitching (I'm working on one), I'll post a "stuff" here for you... a couple of my photos taken recently:
09/11/07 Sunrise 7:50 am (I see some BEAUTIFUL sunrises here!)
09/13/07 7:08 am Sunrise
09/13/07 7:08am Sunrise
09/13/07 7:11am Sunrise
Christopher Columbus Gardens - Boston, MA


Janelle said...

Yep, I'm still here! Those are great pictures too! Even if I am the only one, I still enjoy looking at all your creative work! Keep it up!

Sara Mincy said...

Beautiful pictures!