My Christmas presents

Here are a couple of crafty Christmas presents I got!
My mom gave me these two stamps. I was ESPECIALLY excited about getting the gingerbread girl, since I have the SU! gingerbread wheel, but until now, I had no gingerbread type stamps to go with it. I'm very picky sometimes about the style of stamps that I buy, and I couldn't find a gingerbread stamp that I liked. I LOVE this gingerbread girl, however, so I was very thankful that my mom found it and bought it for me! I like the morning glory stamp as well, and it will be nice to have another large flower for some variety in my collection.
I also was VERY excited to get this wooden wall hanging cut-out. I am planning to put a family photo collection on the wall behind it (like a photo gallery), and LOVED this cut-out from the moment I saw it! My hubby bought this for me! I am also getting money from 2 of my sisters-in-law in order to buy frames for the photo wall. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to use collage frames, since buying over 20 frames at once (even if they are $5 each) is out of the question financially! Besides, I'm not sure that I want that many holes in the wall - though it would look cool! So - now the dilemma is just how exactly I'm going to get them all done and hanging up.... I promise to post pics when I get it done! :-)

Oh, yes, I also received the new SU! catalogue for Christmas! I LOVE our SU! demonstrator... she's a good and very generous friend! :-)

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