Chromy Family Calendar pages

This is the third year that I've made family photo calendars for each of our families for Christmas (though they don't usually get done until February!) Here are the pictures from my family's calendar:

Tom & Heidi Thomann (My sister and oldest sibling)
Tyler (13 yrs), Jacob (10 yrs), and Emma (6 yrs)

Grandpa & Grandma Decker
(my mom's parents and my only living grandparents)


Dad Chromy (and Mom, too) :-)
APRIL All of my nieces and nephews:(from top left clockwise)
Tyler Thomann, Jake Thomann, Aksana Chromy (1 yr), Emma Thomann

MAY Mom Chromy (and Dad, too!)

JUNE Chris and Heather Mitchell (that's me!)
(I'm the middle child of 5...
I have an older sister and brother, and 2 younger brothers)

JULY Nieces and nephews again (from top left clockwise)
Jake, Emma, Tyler, and Aksana

AUGUST Steve & Kathryn Chromy
~they are expecting their first baby - a boy - in June~
(Steve is my older brother)

SEPTEMBER Nathan & Caroline Chromy ~ the newlyweds :-)
(Nathan is my "baby" brother - they got married in June 2007)


Nieces and Nephews once again...
Ty, Jake, Emma, Aksana (with Jovi the dog), and
Emma & Aksana playing piano.


Greg & Rachael Chromy
~they are expecting baby #2 in September 2008~
(Greg is my middle brother)


Two pics of the whole Chromy clan...
The 1st pic is from April when we all got together in FL for Easter weekend and to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday
The 2nd pic is from Nathan & Caroline's wedding in June 2007

Well, that's it for the Chromy's! Hope you enjoyed the pics! :-)

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