Just to clarify...

Several people have asked when we will have an update on the baby. We will not know anything until the first week of March, when we have our pregnancy test - 03/03/08, at 10:30am - if you want to pray specifically! :-) We probably won't post anything right away, just to give us time to call the people that we need to call first. Also, if the pregnancy test IS positive (as well as the bloodwork indicating pregnancy), they do a follow-up bloodwork two days later. If all goes well, I probably won't post anything until after that bloodwork. In December, the pregnancy test was positive, but the follow-up bloodwork showed that we would lose the baby, which we did. I don't really want to go through calling everyone to tell them that we're pregnant, just to call back 2 days later and tell them that we're going to lose the baby. I'm sure you all understand that! :-) So - look for a post probably toward the end of the first week of March... and please keep us in your prayers! Thanks so much for your prayers... we appreciate them more than you know!

Oh, yeah, by the way... if you want to pray REALLY specifically... we're praying for a baby boy (twins would be good, too!) The REASON that we are praying for a boy is because his name has a very significant meaning to us - much more so than the girl's name we have chosen. Our little boy's name is Jadon Christopher (Christi - I hope you don't mind us using your Jadon!) :-) Jadon is a Bible name, and you can find it in Nehemiah 3:7. Basically the Bible mentions Jadon as a man who was just building his part of the wall. Jadon also means "Jehovah (or God) has heard." Very fitting for our situation, don't you think?! Christopher, obviously, is after his daddy, Chris, but also means "follower of Christ." If God chooses to give us this little one and any others He might surprise us with... more than anything we want our child(ren) to be followers of Christ. Now, I must say, too, that we would be THRILLED with a girl, too, and have her name picked out as well. Chris and I just feel like this might be our boy, and every time we hear his name, we'll be reminded of what it means, and that God HAS heard!

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