Mitchell Family Calendar Pages

I tried to post these pages yesterday, but Blogger was giving me fits! Here are the Mitchell Family calendar pages from 2008:

David & Kim Fox, Korissa
(Kim is Chris' sister - #5 out of the 8 kids)

Mom&Dad Mitchell
my in-laws


Chris & Heather Mitchell (that's me!)
(Chris is #2 out of the 8 kids)

all of the nieces and nephews on the Mitchell side
top left, clockwise: Korissa Fox with Kimberly & Kailey Mitchell, Nathan Mitchell with Korissa Fox, Jacquline Mitchell, Tynan & Tron Rhodes


Jonathan Mitchell
(Jon is the "baby" of the family... #8 out of 8)


Tyson & Sandy Rhodes, Tron & Tynan
(Sandy is Chris' oldest sister, #4 out of 8)


Julianne Mitchell
(Julianne is #6 out of 8, and is twins with Tiffany)

Tim & Cristina Mitchell, Kimberly, Kailey, & Nathan
(Tim is Chris' oldest brother, and #1 out of 8)

Burt & Julie Mitchell, Jacquline
(Burt is #3 out of 8)

The nieces and nephews again: Top left, clockwise, Kimberly Mitchell, Kailey Mitchell, Nathan Mitchell, Jacquline Mitchell, Korissa Fox, Tynan Rhodes, Tron Rhodes

Tiffany Mitchell
(Tiffany is #7 out of 8, and is twins with Julianne)

Nieces and Nephews by family

I tell you, it is a lot harder to do the Mitchell calendar than the Chromy calendar... just because there are so many family members! With only 3 extra pages not taken up with Chris' parents and siblings, it was hard to figure out how to do the pages with our nieces and nephews. Now that there are 4 families with kids, I had to be a little more creative with the 3 extra pages! :-) Hope you enjoyed seeing pics of our families!

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Janelle said...

LOVE the calendar!!! Looks great and what a special gift to give your family! I thought about doing that as a gift, but I thought it would be fun to send current pictures each month for the family to put on there throughout the year. Then I thought there is no way that will happen once this little baby gets here so I scratched that idea totally. Maybe some day it will work out! Thanks for sharing the pictures!