Homemade Curtains

These are the curtains that I helped make for my kitchen/dining room last year (this was in our other house in Maryland.) My dear friend, Carrie, actually did all the sewing, but I did the cutting and stamping. The bigger curtains are actually made out of hand towels that I bought at the dollar store for $1! I thought it was a great idea to incorporate them into the curtains. Both sets are reversible as well. I love these, and hope I can use them in our new house! If not, I may be finding someone else to help me make curtains again! :-)

By the way, Janelle, I do keep busy, but not as much as I should or could! Without having kids to occupy my time, and my hubby working late hours these days, it gives me a lot of time to do crafty stuff. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to pay for all that I want! :-)


Janelle said...

Yeah, money is usually the key issue for me too! Great curtains by the way! That's great getting those towls from the dollar store!

Anonymous said...

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