Love Notes

This is not my creativy... but I thought I'd share. As I have been packing, I found these cards... that MY HUSBAND made for me! I must say, I never thought that my husband would make cards, but he really did make these. I took pictures of both the front, inside, and back to show you that he stamped all of them. I was also quite impressed with the fact that he used fancy scissors to cut them out, etc. Not bad for a man... :-)

My 24th Birthday card... 2001 (I love how he also wrote in purple ink!)

My Valentine's Day card - 2004

My Anniversary card from last year...
My husband is AWESOME! He told me once that he made the cards for me because he knows how much I love handmade cards. He also said that he was very careful to put the stamps away exactly where he found them so I wouldn't be able to tell that he had used them (and I would have known, too, had he not put them back in the right spot!)

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