Picture frames

Above are picture frame gifts I made for my nieces and nephews (and sis-in-law) for Christmas a few years ago (2003). I bought $4 wooden frames at Hobby Lobby, and used paint, paper, and wooden embellishements on them. On the frames for the boys, I used green paper that actually felt like grass. I cut it on a diagonal, then just glued it on the frame. The embellishments were wooden baseballs, footballs, etc, and on this one, I used golf buttons. The Seminoles helmet was a keychain.

The Vikings helmets on these 2 frames I actually painted free-hand. I was pretty impressed with the results (if I do say so myself!)

This one I used purple velvet paper. I hand-painted the daisies on the paper, and used wooden flower embellishments on the corners.
This one I did a lot more hand-painting on. I painted the clouds, flowers, and lilypads. The dragonflies and frogs were wooden embellishments that I bought.
I painted the plaid background on this frame, then used fancy scissors to cut out the patterned paper. Again, I used wooden flowers to embellish the corners.
This frame I did just like the one above, except no plaid, and different colors.

I apologize (again) for the quality of the pictures, but I didn't have a digital camera then! :-) I was pretty pleased with how these turned out... this was my first try at painting!

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