I want you to know...

That I HAVE been stamping some. The problem is that my Kodak Easyshare software told me to upgrade it about a week ago now, and being the obedient woman that I am, I did. Unfortunately, there is some kind of problem in the software that won't let me open it! GRRRRR! I tried removing it and downloading it, repairing it, modifying it, and IT JUST WON'T WORK! So I have pictures of my cards on my camera, just waiting until I can figure out what to do about Easyshare. I really liked the program and how it worked... now, if only I could get it to work in the new upgraded state! Keep checking back... I'll get them up here eventually!

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Tricia said...

Hi Heather!

In case you don't check on my blog... you won my blog candy!! :)
Now I just need your address. Congratulations!