Americana Cards

Most of these cards were made for our family member who is now serving in the Armed Forces. Again, I apologize for the photo quality of some of my pictures... I don't have great lighting in my house! Hopefully it will be better in our new house!
Some Gave All - Iwo Jima
Patriotic Parade/Fireworks
Godspeed 1
Lady Libery
Marines - Some Gave All ~ Iwo Jima

Soldier ~ Godspeed


Janelle said...

I really enjoyed your patriotic cards and appreciate them because my husband is actually in the Marine Corp. You really did a great job on all of these!

mitchells2000 said...

Janelle - please tell your husband I said THANK YOU for his service to our country! I can't even TELL you how bad my husband wanted to go into the military, but God had other plans for him (both times he tried to enlist!) We are very proud of our military, and pray for them daily!