David&Kim's Wedding Gift

Since I had already made my SIL Kim a cross-stitch a few years prior to this, I wanted to make a cross-stitch for their wedding present that David would really like. He loves wolves, so I bought this kit at Walmart. It took me a long time to make this one, as well, but they loved it. I actually gave it to them unframed (we didn't have the money to frame it in November when they actually received it.) I told them they could wait until we had the money, and I would have it framed, or they could take it now and get it framed themselves. They opted to take it and get it framed themselves. The nice thing about this particular cross-stitch is that all the white areas in the picture, I didn't have to stitch. They were just left empty, which means a lot less stitching for me!

The pattern:

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