Hello! Welcome to my more creative site. :-) I am planning to post all of my stamps, scraps, stitches-n-stuff on this site, just to keep it a little more streamlined for myself, and also for anyone who wants to only look at these types of things (rather than wading through all of my lengthy stories, etc.) So - without further ado... let me introduce you to my cards (stamps), calendar and scrapbook pages (scraps), cross-stitches (stitches),-n-stuff... unique gifts that I have made, crafts that I have done, decor ideas from my house, and any other "stuff" that I feel falls into the "creative" category. Now, let me slide in a little disclaimer here. I do not claim to have any special talent or creative genius that elevates me above average, but I love what I do, and usually am pretty pleased with the results. It may not be extravagant, elegant, or gorgeous, but it's mine and I like it! I hope you will enjoy it as well. :-)

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