Christmas Cards

The first several cards are created on my own. The candy cane cards have little wire candy canes on them that my grandma sent me because she thought they were cute, and that maybe I could use them on my cards. So, of course, I had to do that! :-)

Holiday Blessings Pine Tree
(I love the simplicity of this one!)

Candy Cane Holiday Blessings
Candy Cane Hedgehogs
(I ADORE these hedgehogs!)

Hedgehog Skating (Burgundy)
Hedgehog Skating (Blue)

Winter Smiles

Victorian Christmas Tree

Christmas Angel

The following cards are ones that I made during stamping workshops. The first card is the demo that we were to do, and the second version is my variation of the card.
Nativity Pull-out Card Nativity Pull-out Card opened
Plaid Peace-Joy-Love (1)
Stripes Peace-Joy-Love (2)

Happy Holidays Ornaments (1)
Happy Holidays Ornaments (2)
(We used a bleaching technique on these cards)
Let It Snow (Black)
Let It Snow (Blue - Crackle Finish)

Holiday Wreath (1)

Holiday Wreath (2)


Janelle said...

OK, two questions. How did you do the crackle finish and how did you make the snowflakes irridescent like that on the black paper on the "let it snow" cards?

Janelle said...

PS- I think you have yourself a new fan! I've really enjoyed looking at your cards and wish I lived close to you so that I could get some lessons! Guess I'll just keep coming back for inspiration! Thank you for your posts!

Janelle said...

One more thing - I just love all your Christmas cards! I make my Christmas cards every year and have for the past 5 years I think. It's fun and yet a challenge at the same time. I always end up making more than I planned starting out, but so far they've turned out really good. I may have to borrow some ideas for this year!

mitchells2000 said...

Janelle - thanks for the encouragement! :-) To answer your questions... the crackle finish is done by using enamel embossing powder. You stamp over the complete image using a Versamark stamp pad, apply the embossing powder, heat it, and repeat the process like 4 times! After the last heat application, you put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Take it out, and bend it, and the enamel will crack. The second question... just use an embossing ink pad, and use iridescent embossing powder. If you have any more in depth questions about how-to do these, you can always just e-mail me at crhbmitchellfam@juno.com.