Graduation Cards

I have a hard time with graduation cards because I don't really have very many graduation stamps. I actually really like how most of these turned out, though!
2006 Shaker Graduation Card
I actually made the cut-out a shaker card with glitter and star punch-outs in the window. The really cool ribbon was $1 at Hobby Lobby.
Here is the inside of the card above. I used gel pens to highlight and add the year in.
This was my BIL's college grad card. I love the color combo.
This is my SIL's college grad card. She likes frogs, so I thought I would make it a little different. The punch-out has glitter in it. I sprinkled glitter on a piece of packing tape, and then folded the tape over on itself (so glitter didn't get EVERYWHERE!) Then I just taped the tape to the inside of the card! I also stamped the "Celebrate" on the twill tape (which is actually tracheostomy ties from my little baby that I take care of! Cheap substitute for buying it. BTW, he used VELCRO ties, not the twill kind!)
This is my niece's Kindergarten grad card. I like this one, too!

This is our family member's Marine grad from boot camp card. I used sticker embellishments for most of it, but added the flag and Iwo Jima image as well.

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