Misc. Holidays ~ Father's Day

Here are my Father's Day cards from this year. Both Chris and I only have one grandpa still living. I try to send cards to them both, as well as our dads.
Classic Pick-up Dad
This is another stamping party card. The "D-A-D" is chipboard, and inked to look like suede.

Nautical Father's Day
My dad loves lighthouses, etc. He actually has a picture similar to the focal image on his wall at home. I chose the color scheme based on the ribbon, which I love.

Father's Day Fishing
Other than the fact that I messed up on the measurements for almost every piece of this card and the fact that I can't cut STRAIGHT for the life of me, I really like how this card turned out. I especially like the square brads! Father's Day Train
I used distress embossing powder on the full train. It's a cool effect. I also used a stamp punch (cut in half kitty-corner) to make the corner plackets for the focal image.

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