Chris' Eagle~Freedom

This is one of my favorite projects that I have ever done as far as cross-stitching goes. Maybe one of the reasons is that it still remains in our house!! I made this for Chris one year... I think it took me over 5 months to finish! I learned a lot about cross-stitching while making this one, such as how to blend colors by using 2 different colors of thread in one stitch, shadowing, etc. Chris is very proud of this, (as am I). This is also the very first one that I cut out the matting and did the framing myself. The color isn't great in the picture... it is actually matted in blue, red, and black (not black, red, black.)
Here is the pattern, and the way the picture is supposed to look. I also left off the star buttons... I couldn't find the right size, and the ones they sold for the project were very expensive!

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