Just Because Cards

I keep so busy making "event" cards... birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, graduation, holiday cards... that I rarely send cards "just because." I am trying to do more of that (I'm trying to make sure my sister gets paid by supporting the post office, rather than doing ALL of my correspondence via e-mail/internet! ) :-) Just kidding. Well, I did send a few "just because" cards. The problem is that I inadvertently deleted my 3 most favorite ones!

By the way, I don't like coffee (which is very funny considering that my kitchen decor is coffee themed/gingerbread men). However, most of my friends and some of my family members DO like coffee, so I bought this set. It came with the marshmallows, too, so I can make it into hot chocolate (which I DO like, as long as it's not too hot!)
Sending warm thoughts your way (1)
Sending warm thoughts your way (2)
Sending warm thoughts your way (3)
Thinking of you warms my heart...
Spring Flowers ~ This was actually an Easter card that we made at a stamping party, but I don't generally send out Easter cards, either. I left the Easter sentiment off, and ended up using it for my mom's birthday card.

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