Korissa's Baby Lion/Giraffe

This is the cross-stitch that I made for our newest niece. I don't usually like complete cross-stitch patterns, so I usually end up developing my own pattern. Now, lest you think I am amazing... I just take bits and pieces of things I like from other patterns and fit them together to make my own.
In this pattern, I took an alphabet pattern and made the letters about twice as big as the pattern. I picked the colors from the nursery decor that I knew her mom was using. The animals are from a circus sampler that I had for a baby announcement, but I changed the colors on them a little bit, again to match the decor.
This one I had framed at Hobby Lobby. I wasn't super please with some things on it, but I had them put a rush on it, and I didn't have time to make them do it again like I would have liked. As Chris puts it, no one else would probably notice anyway!

I don't know why, but I am really starting to LOVE giraffes. I have seen them a lot recently on baby things, and incorporated into decor. I just think they are cool (but not quite as cool as my first animal love... DOLPHINS!

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